Check Out The Awesome PvP Modes In Revelation Online

NetEase and are excited to announce additional details on the various competitive modes coming to the action-packed free-to-play MMORPG game, Revelation Online. Players will be invited to test their mettle in a variety of competitive modes that will feature a diverse range of maps and arenas. Boasting modes to support both small-scale skirmishes and duels the open-world nature of Nuanor will take it one step further to support large-scale battles between guilds as they fight for control over 12 unique regions.

Revelation Online takes the combat of the traditional MMO to new heights, literally. As well as the typical ground-based combat players will be able to take the fight to the skies once they have unlocked the ability to fly with underwater battles promising to add further variety to an already robust combat system.

Revelation Online - PvP Trailer

Revelation Online will support the following competitive game modes:

Open World PvP – Available exclusively for players level 40 and above the Open World PvP element will allow players to duel others, complete bounties on offending players or even avenge the death of a fallen friend.

Arenas & Battlegrounds – The best of the best. Gladiators from across all servers will be invited to participate in 3v3, 10v10, 20v20 and 30v30 duels for the rights to claim dominance over the PvP landscape.

Guild Battles & Castle Sieges – Guilds can challenge other guilds of similar sizes to fight on a daily basis. Up to 50 players from either side can participate in castle sieges complete with siege weaponry and defensive structures.

Source: Press Release

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