Online Shooter Hired Ops Reveals Rewarding Character Progression System

Russian-based developer AbsolutSoft today revealed the first ever details for the dynamic and rewarding character leveling, gear progression and skill upgrade systems in the upcoming online shooter, Hired Ops. The game was originally unveiled under a different title, Contract Wars Standalone, but has since been re-branded under its new name, Hired Ops.

Hired Ops upholds the same development principles and developers AbsoluSoft will continue to utilize community feedback and suggestions as an integral part of the process as the game moves forward. The team hope to bring many of the ideas and fundamental elements from the original Contract Wars game – a hugely successful title that attracted nearly 50 million players around the world.

Hired Ops is an online session-based shooter that pits teams of mercenaries against one another using the latest weapons and most modern technology. Players will enjoy a more versatile progression system than the regular online shooter title as they progress through various skill trees before selecting one of the four unique specializations.

Players will be able to customize the skills available to them as they advance into the Scout, Sniper, Destroyer and Stormtrooper trees – each of which comes with their own skills and abilities as well as unique weapons and equipment.

For more information on the character progression system in Hired Ops check out the official website.

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