Checkmate by Koram Game – new details

Koram Game has just revealed new details about their upcoming WWII-themed strategy game Checkmate.

Developed with a sense of realism in mind, Checkmate includes factual elements such as historical military leaders, as well as WWII tanks and artillery units. The Campaign System lets players battle on historical European battlefields like the Siege of Leningrad, in order to attempt to defeat an NPC for experience and rewards.

Checkmate also has an intense City War feature, which allows players the ability to battle for control of a city to expand their domain and conquer Europe. Developing a player’s “main city” allows him or her to then occupy “sub cities” upon defeating each city’s NPC.

Allegiances are important in Checkmate; the Legion System lets players band together like a guild, and battle other legions, and throwing in the the wrong legion can mean the difference between winning and losing.

And finally, the General System is the game’s way of letting players customize their Checkmate experience by assigning and increasing military leaders’ attributes, improving equipment, and upgrading technologies.

Checkmate packs all these detailed systems into one browser-based game, and it’s sure to be a hit.

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