Easter events for all!

No matter what MMO you’re playing there is sure to be some sort of Easter event going on. Some events include the War of Immortals giant Easter egg hunt and Runescape’s hunt awarding emoticons and event items. Events like Perfect World’s quiz event, and Archosaur assault boost exp and give awards including the giant bunny pet. These events entail slaughtering endless waves of monsters attacking Perfect World’s largest city. For those who are less game orientated there is an Easter egg design contest as well. You can sign up here and show your creative side!

Other highlights include the new fashion in Jade Dynasty seen here with bright colours and fun new looks. The Jade Dynasty festivities also include bonus 15% on purchase of in-game currency and free items with these purchases.

World of Warcraft’s Noblegarden Event had players running around like little kids finding festive looking eggs and claiming the goodies inside. The town of Azeroth and the surrounding area are sprinkled with these eggs for the taking. Other special quests and vendors are available for the span of the event ending april 14th. With mounts, pets and seasonal clothing as rewards, the Noblegarden event will keep all the WoW players happy through the easter season.

Runes of Magic was not going to miss out on the festivities. With an Easter sale offering 100% more diamonds when you charge them in the cashop. Also offering festive costumes, cuddly pets and a couple of unknown surprises, the Runes of Magic players will enjoy easter specials as well.

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