Chibi Kart Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Chibi Kart is a retro, cutesy, and fast-paced karting experience developed by Windysoft and published by OGPlanet.

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1 thought on “Chibi Kart Gameplay | First Impressions HD”

  1. I love the look of this game; I love super colorful, happy, kart racers (and Asian games in general) like this. I’d love to give this a try – in fact, you guys convinced me to go check it out. But I missed the early part where you mentioned the Launcher, and found that out for myself. Immediately backed out.

    I’ll go back to screwing around with classics like Diddy Kong Racing, Bomberman Fantasy Race and old school Crash Team Racing. Heck you mentioned Wreck-It Ralph; Disney’s website still has the Unity powered Sugar Rush Speedway on their site that is SUPER SIMPLE, but still pretty entertaining, for free.

    I refuse to sign up for accounts willy-nilly. Last thing I want is to give out my personal info onto sites that I will barely go to. Sorry OG Planet.

    I am just really getting sick with every freakin’ company opting for launchers. Like their massive library of 6 games (if that) is worth the headaches of downloading and using one of those things, having it open in the background hogging up your CPU? Sneakily installing God-knows-what too. And for just one game you’re sort of interested in? It’s BS – so not cool. Gimme an download link with an .exe; how hard is that? If Onigiri can do it, all cheap Asian fun-looking online games should manage.

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