City Of Steam Open Beta Incoming

Mechanist Games are approaching exciting times as they announce the upcoming open beta period for the highly anticipated steam-punk themed MMO, City of Steam. Some players may have read a recent announcement from the developers in which they told fans that they would be featuring an advanced access program that would allow supporters and long-term fans entry to the game before the release of open beta. However, they have since retracted that statement and instead have decided to begin the open beta period on the original date of the advance access program.

They stated that the reason for the change was because of the amount of interest with the advanced access program, prompting the developers to feature a stress test in the open beta instead. The new open beta period begins on Friday, May 10th at 10PM EDT (GMT -4).

Mechanist Games are also introducing a number of events to the open beta including new Wilderness levels and a much smoother tutorial. New features are also planned including Jumping and Jetpacks. The talent tree has also had an overhaul and the crafting system will also be added for the first time.

All in all a lot has changed since Closed Beta. We?re looking forward to you all playing the game and giving us feedback on what you like and dislike and all the new features. We?ve also got quite an aggressive development schedule, with continuous updates over the following weeks. As this is still Beta we?re of course also still in the process of balancing combat and the games? difficulty, so please tell us if you think the game ?feels right? in both PVE and PVP!

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