City of Steam – Third Alpha Test Weekend

After two successful Alpha Tests, Mechanist Games is announcing their third Alpha test weekend for their debut title, City of Steam. Based on the table-top book series, The New Epoch by David Lindsay, City of Steam is a full-featured, browser-based 3D MMORPG that transports players fleeing their troubled homelands to the once powerful, now declining metropolis of Nexus. In an age where mechanical technology and steam-work blur with magic, heroes battle mutant beasts and mechanically enhanced abominations while exploring the forgotten horrors and treasures of a once great civilization. Hundreds of quests have been designed to lead players through ancient ruins, searching for spoils dated back hundreds of chronicles in order to piece together the mysteries of their lost past.

Alpha Tests 1 and 2 saw the release of human and elven races with four classes for players to customize. During tests, Mechanist Games invited player feedback and were overwhelmed with positive responses as well as helpful bug reports and suggestions. In-game contests were awarded through the forum, with the City of Steam community appreciating the open communication and approachability of the developers.

As in past Alpha weekends, several in-game and forum contests will be held, with merchandise, game rewards and supporter packs to be won. These contests will include scavenger hunts, video contests, most bug reports, most shillings and keys found, and highest levels achieved during the test. Several hidden contests will also be revealed after the weekend with announcements made on the active game forum.

To sign up for the Alpha Test, visit our City of Steam Alpha Key Giveaway Page to get your key along with instructions on how to enter the alpha test.

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