Clash of the Dragons

Clash of the Dragons is a free to play browser-based trading card game.  The game borrows elements from a traditional RPG and adds a new spin as a fantasy TGC.

Upon entering the game, you will be prompted to create your avatar; then you are able to freely travel across the map and spend a certain amount of energy to fight against different monsters. Winning a battle grants you various loot, experience and other rewards.

Upon entering into a battle for the first time, you will need to familiarize yourself with combat interface and dialogue boxes with different options. In Clash of the Dragons, instead of having the popularized hit points system, it is actually the amount of cards you hold in your deck determines your health.  When damage is dealt by another player or NPC, you have to discard as many cards as the damage being taken from the top of your deck. The battle ends when you are unable to draw any additiolnal cards.  There are two number displayed on each card, one determines the amount of damage the card will deal, while the other is the defense point, which will be subtracted from the amount of damage done by your opponent.

The game is relatively easy to pick up and play compared with other trading card games.  There are four class available and each one has their own primarily attribute, which determines what kind of attack will be optimal.

Battles become slightly more complicated and unpredictable at higher levels and with the introduction of buff and healing cards. Buffs can give you some sorts of status enhancement such as granting chance of inflicting critical attack, or splitting half of the damage taken. And the healing cards enable you to revive cars that have been discarded. The number of cards you can pull out from your depletion pile equals to the power of the healing card.

As a typical trading card game, Clash of the Dragons allows players to customize the deck; keeping too many melee and ranged attack cards in deck is meaningless when you play as a spellcaster. You can either purchase card packs coming with assortment of 5 random cards with coins or premium currency, or craft a specific one by using cards that appear to be useless in your deck, however, it seems that acquiring enough cards and crafting ingredients take a long time.

Besides the deck customization, there are a lot of things to do while you are outside battles. Skill points can be spent in a wide range of optional abilities to benefit players ? from increasing the maximum deck size to increasing the number of NPC?s which can be placed in one deck. Moreover, once you have accumulated enough points, you can unlock your second class, which giving you the possibility to toggle between those classes when you face-off against enemies of different powers.

Clash of the Dragons is a different and unique take on the classic trading card game.  If you are willing to try out a TGC, give this one a try.  Traditional RPG players will find elements they adore with a completely new spin.

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