Rapty the Raptr’s first week at the office

In case you missed last Friday’s Weekly Loot, our friends over at Raptr.com sent us an adorable little mascot to keep us company while we toil away delivering news  to you fine folks. Dubbed ‘Rapty’ by Kirk, he’s been doing more than providing companionship; this fiery fellow has been helping out around the workplace – check out the photos we snapped of his first week here!


Rapty tries to hide in the plant to get out of doing work. Nice try!


Here’s Rapty trying to make coffee. Maybe I’ll just stick to Starbucks…


Once again, Rapty’s avoiding work by reading a GameInformer!! Cheating on us, are you?


He finally sits down to do some work – and he forgot his Windows login!


Bad Rapty!

Coffee break!

So that was Rapty’s first week at the office. Not terribly productive…

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