Code Club & Plug In Digital Announce Wurm Unlimited

Code Club and Plug In Digital, the teams behind the popular sandbox MMO Wurm, today announced the next step in the evolution of the MMO sandbox with Wurm Unlimited. Coming to Valve’s Steam service on October 21st Wurm Unlimited will offer players the same impressive sandbox environment and freedom of features as the traditional client but in a local setting with persistent servers available to all players.

[quote cite=”Code Club”]The game is pretty much a full copy of the current MMO engine with Steam integration. The idea behind the release is to present the Wurm world to new players and also help players who never got into the game to experience it in a more relaxed way. Hopefully our current or previous players will find it entertaining as well.

There are initially two modes planned for release: “Adventure”, which is a predefined world with a few warring kingdoms to live in and explore, and “Creative” which is an undeveloped map. The main goal for the Adventure mode will be to find a way of becoming a deity on the moon Valrei which we think is suitable both for a single player and a group of players either cooperating or belonging to different kingdoms.[/quote]

Both modes will have an option for players to become a Game Master, with the powers to instantly create items, terraform the environment, summon creatures and more. Creating an almost sandbox style experience in the sandbox.

Source: Official Website

Code Club & Plug In Digital Announce Wurm Unlimited