Combat Pilot – Aerial Combat Simulation Released

MadCatZ have just announced the immediate release of their aerial combat simulation MMO, Combat Pilot. Players aren’t exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to aerial combat MMO games, sure we’ve had titles like Space Cowboys, but very few have strayed away from the typical arcade approach to offer a true simulation experience.

Players can expect a variety of exciting features as they take to the skies in a huge variety of planes designed by some of the biggest names in aviation such as Razban, Just Flight, Aerosoft and Iris. The stock game comes with a good variety but players wishing to purchase new planes will have to do so at a rather steep cost, between $8 and $20 per plane. Probably not the greatest thing to tell members of an industry during a time of free-to-play domination.

Already imagining yourself kissing the lips of the horizon in your shiny F-18? Well if you’re wanting to scour the skies it will set you back a one off fee of $49.99, which also includes the first month of subscription and a few planes to help get you started. Combat Pilot will be following the traditional MMO subscription model, charging players $11.99 per month.

For more information on the game, including multiplayer features and additional content, visit the Combat Pilot website.

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