The War Z – Accussed Of Stealing From The Walking Dead

If you’ve been following our recent coverage of The War Z you probably didn’t expect it could get any worse. Our Critical Hit article highlighted some of the shocking public relations choices made by the development team and more recently, an article with information regarding the games removal from Steam
. But wait, there’s more!

Kotaku recently published some images from the official War Z forums that show an uncanny resemblance to another highly popular zombie franchise, The Walking Dead. The resemblance…well take a look for yourself.

I’m not really sure about the legal ramifications of such an obvious use of art from another source, I imagine nothing will happen, but it’s yet another hole in the sinking ship that is The War Z.

But is it really sinking? The game became the top grossing title on Steam for the short time it was available, and it has recently been featured by the BBC News, the biggest news outlet in the UK. Although the majority of the press have been critical of the game, there’s an old saying. “There’s no such thing as bad advertising”, and in this case they may be right.

A few thousand people that discover these stories will surely check the website for more information on the game and they’ll be greeted by doctored screenshots and misinformation about features that have yet to be included. Could all this negative press actually have a positive impact on The War Z?

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