Community Ideas Released In Latest Nether Update

Phosphor Games Studio’s today released the first major update for the recently released MMOFPS survival horror title, Nether. The first big patch for a new game is always an important point of discussion but even more so for Nether as it was the community itself that helped shaped the contents of the patch.

Players have been heading to the forums to give their individual feedback and suggestions relating to Nether and the developers have responded in kind with an exciting variety of features in the newest patch.

One of the biggest requests among the player-base was the option to increase traveling methods, removing the cross-country trek to reach certain destinations. The developers responded with a new subway system that links many of the more popular locations together.

Other features introduced into the game include some additional items, a brand new world event pitting players against a difficult mini-boss and a Wing Glider; offering that perfect opportunity for a rooftop escape.

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