Craglorn Patch Notes Released For ESO

Over the weekend Zenimax Online Studios released an extensive list of patch notes scheduled to hit The Elder Scrolls Online live servers with the upcoming arrival of the highly anticipated Craglorn update. The patch was only announced at the beginning of this month but the community now have the opportunity to log into the Public Test Server and test the stability, fixes and new content that’s on offer.

There is a huge amount of new content and changes heading to The Elder Scrolls Online and the previously announced Craglorn PvE and Trial content is just the tip of the iceberg. Accompanying the Craglorn PvE content is an increase in the PvP Veteran level cap to Veteran Rank 12 with a 2x boost now given for PvP kills, a death recap screen that provides information surrounding a players demise and new high-resolution textures for all non-humanoid enemies.

Despite the extensive list of fixes and improvements there doesn’t appear to be any mention of a fix for the current bot problem plaguing the public dungeons, automated characters camping and instantly killing powerful bosses in order to sell the loot, leaving many players little choice but to return at another time.

For a full list of the currently announced content of the patch check the link below.

Source: MMORPG

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