Crush Online Enters Open Beta

After a successful run in Closed Beta this August Crush Online is finally ready to open the door to a wider audience as developers GamesInFlames today announced the MOBA inspired persistent world MMORPG Crush Online is now available to play in Open Beta.

Crush Online is now available to be downloaded for free and offers players a thrilling PvP combat environment in a persistent game world with MOBA style combat. Currently the game supports English, Polish, Turkish and German languages with more languages planned to release in the future.

Interested players are invited to check out the official website to sign up, download and play the Crush Online Open Beta.

The Open Beta introduces more quests, optimizations to siege mechanics, improved localization and feedback tools to help the developers focus on player development and progress during the final wave of testing before release. Crush Online is scheduled to release late September 2016.

Source: Press Release.

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