Medieval Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Dark And Light Coming To Steam Early Access

It was announced today that the highly anticipated medieval fantasy sandbox game from Snail Games, Dark and Light, will be launching on Steam Early Access as early as this fall, introducing a world filled with giant and fantastical monsters surrounded by in-depth and realistic survival and exploration mechanics.

For those a little longer in the tooth you may recognize the title from a game originally announced way back in 2004. The development team at Snail Games have re-created Dark and Light from the original game, honing the various mechanics and implementing features famous throughout Snail Games’ arsenal of MMO’s such as dungeon design, PvP mechanics and questing.

Today marks the official release of a new teaser website alongside the first ever opportunity to take a look at the in-game world in a new trailer.

Today Snail Games has launched a teaser Website and a gameplay video to give fans a first look at the in-game world.

Dark and Light First Teaser

Dark and Light hopes to break the mold of today’s typical MMORPG games, allowing players more freedom to explore with a unique blend of traditional MMO features alongside exciting and rewarding survival mechanics. Players will be able to develop their own settlements, fight for different tribes, focus on learning devastating magical abilities or just explore the rich and stimulating environment.

Snail Games also hope to bring combat back to the forefront of the MMO experience with a combat system focused on movement and targeting, as opposed to the typical tab-based combat system. Active combat will include precision aiming, real-time dodging and skill/magical management to create a thrilling, rewarding and skill-based combat experience.

Source: Press Release

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