Shroud of the Avatar Release 3, TESO Blacksmith, DC2 and more! | The Daily XP February 20th

What’s up Attackers, Today is Thursday February 20th and
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On today’s show we have new details for Shroud of the Avatar, The Elder
Scrolls Online’s Blacksmith and a new server for Dragon’s Call II. Your daily
XP starts now!

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Today on the Daily XP:
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Details Release 3 to Public | [timer]29[/timer]
The Elder Scrolls Online Highlights Blacksmith’s in Video | [timer]68[/timer]
Dragon’s Call II Launches Fifth Server, Bleeding Dragon | [timer]100[/timer]

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Portalarium today released details
for the Release 3 build of Lord British a.k.a Richard Garriot, a.k.a. the
inventor of the MMORPG as we know it’s upcoming game, Shroud of the Avatar:
Forsaken Virtues.  It was a little over
10 months ago that the game appeared on Kickstarter, and the response thus far
has been overwhelming.  Release 3 brings
a slew of new features including Open Multiplayer, which is HUGE, people have
been waiting on this forever.  Also
you’ll find a skeleton of the crafting features, not really a skeleton mind
you, a third municipality and the ability to sell and purchase items from
in-game stores.  There’s much more, but I
don’t have the time!

Hot on the heels of the biggest Elder
Scrolls Online beta event so far is another video release, this time showcasing
crafting, and more specifically, the journey of a Blacksmith.  The video goes into the great depths of
crafting in TESO, answering questions about gathering mechanics, crafting
tables, and creating set pieces.  Of
note, the world is littered with hidden crafting tables that offer potential
set bonuses and perks.  So there’s yet
another reason to climb to the top of every mountain, and peak inside every
cave that’s off the beaten path, much like you already do in Skyrim.

And lastly a new server has been
launched for Dragon’s Call II.  The
end.  OK so, outro now right?  No, you need to say at least another few
sentences.  UGGHHH.  OK umm .. The fifth server, called Bleeding
Dragon launches later today, it will be accompanied by several events in game,
so go check it out!  better?

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