Eclipse War Online Closed Beta Announced

Playwith Interactive today announced the upcoming closed beta event for the Western version of the controversial Korean MMORPG game, Eclipse War Online. The Korean version began its open beta journey in May of 2013 but suddenly disappeared in late August. The developers at the time, Ndolphin Soft, deleted vital files and changed passwords so that the Korean publisher was unable to maintain the games live status. The player-base was not informed regarding any changes so it left many gamers with a severe lack of trust relating to Eclipse War Online.

That mistrust is now spreading to the Western world following the release of a teaser website and information for Eclipse War Online. MMO gamers have learned to take the announcements of new MMO games with a pinch of salt as let’s face it, a rather large portion of them turn out to be utter garbage. However, Eclipse War Online’s feature list does boast some rather innovative ideas.

The most exciting of these ideas is the Transformation feature. Players are able to collect Transformation Cards from every different enemy type they encounter, over 700 currently available in-game. Using these cards allows players to take the form of enemies, each of which can be stronger when fighting in certain regions or at certain times of the day.

The closed beta event will begin on February 25th and run through until March 11th. To participate in the event players simply need an account, there’s no restrictions outside of that. So that’s an open beta then, isn’t it?

Source: MMOFront

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