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the show we’ll highlight Dean Hall leaving DayZ, Guild battles coming to Forge
of Empires and a date announced for Nosgoth’s closed beta. Your Daily XP starts

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Today on the Daily XP:
Dean Hall Announces He Will Be Leaving Bohemia Interactive and DayZ | [timer]21[/timer]
Forge of Empires Releases Guild Vs Guild Battles | [timer]70[/timer]
Nosgoth Sets an Official Closed Beta Date | [timer]93[/timer]

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In a fairly
surprising announcement, Dean Hall of Bohemia Interactive, the man behind DayZ,
announced that he will leave the studio by year’s end to pursue other projects.
He went into length comparing himself to a grenade and talking about how he’s a
bad person to have in a leadership role. Flimsy excuse if you ask me mostly for
someone looking to move on to another leadership role. No one knows what state
DayZ will be in by the time he departs, but given the company’s development
history, I’m sure it’ll be far from done. No doubt the game will be left in
capable hands, but considering now that people have money invested in the
Alpha, it seems like a very strange time to up and abandon what he created.
Personally I think it reflects poorly on him and he should stick around to
deliver on the original promise that he made. But hey, that’s just me. Let me
know your thoughts in the comments down below.

One feature most frequently requested for Forge of Empires,
Guild Vs Guild, has been released to the public today. Guilds can now
participate in large scale PvP as they battle for control over various
objectives to theoretically claim the entire continent. Any rewards obtained
through PvP will be awarded to all members of that particular guild on a daily

Nosgoth has gotten an official closed beta date, set for this
Thursday, February 27th. The free to play, team based, third person
online multiplayer game features some gorgeous visuals, deep class
customization, a wide variety of game modes and a skill based combat system.
Along with the closed beta, Square Enix has revealed a brand new game mode,
Siege, in which humans will be tasked with capturing specific locations while
vampires naturally hunt for blood. Anyone interested, make sure to register at
their main website.

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