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What’s up Attackers, Today is Friday February 7th.  Kirk here with your Daily MMO News from  Today’s episode is brought to you by SMITE,
the moba game from Hi-Rez Studios.  You
can find a giveaway from the new god Nemesis on our Facebook Page, link below.  On today’s episode we have Heva Clonia
Online’s Episode 2 release, Transformers Universe debut trailer and the cross-platformality,
if that’s a word, with Albion Online.  Your
daily XP starts now!

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Today on the Daily XP:
Heva Clonia Online Episode 2 Released | [timer]35[/timer]
Transformers Universe Releases New Trailer | [timer]60[/timer]
Albion Online Shows Off Cross-Platform Skills | [timer]93[/timer]

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Heva Clonia Online, the free to play 3D fantasy MMO from
OGPlanet has announced the release of Episode 2, which is the first episode
released, since episode 1.  That should
be fairly obvious.  Umm .. Episode 2 is
one of the biggest in the games history, and brings an array of new features
including regions, dungeons and an increase in the level cap.  In additional, HCO will be hosting an event
to celebrate the release, with tons of prizes to be won.  Check those out in-game now!

Jagex today released the first trailer for the upcoming free
to play MMO, Transformers Universe. 
Originally labeled as a browser MMO, Jagex has since re-branded it as a
MOTA, Massive Online Tactical Action Game, which is so TFC IYKWIM.  So speaking of the trailer .. umm .. it was
awful, sorry, the music was terrible!  It
was like .. a shitty Limp Bizkit. 
Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Limp Bizkit.  The gameplay looked interesting enough, It
looks like it’s going to be a MOBA type game, with cars of course.  Cars and a semi-truck.  I dunno, check it out for yourself.

And lastly, Albion Online, the medieval sandbox MMO, which
is being advertised as the first true cross-platform MMO, released a video
demonstration yesterday showing off the game being run on different systems at
the same time.  The video shows the same
game running on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android at the same time, as in, you move
the character in one, it shows moving on all screens.  The technology looks like it’s there, I
haven’t seen anything like it yet.  I
mean, I’ve played games that can be played on different platforms, but not all
at once.  Pretty cool stuff.

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