Jagex Launches New Premier Club For Exclusive RuneScape Membership Options

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Jagex today announced that they have launched an exciting new subscriber incentive for players of the long-running and critically acclaimed MMORPG, RuneScape, offering an exciting selection of benefits as well as entry to next season’s Deadman Tournaments. The new subscription system, dubbed Premier Club, is a special offer that allows RuneScape players to purchase a … Read more

RuneFest Tickets Nearly Sold Out – New Continent Arriving In October

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2016 is set to be a hugely exciting year for fans of the long-running and hugely successful MMORPG RuneScape as developers Jagex recently announced the upcoming release of a brand new continent and the nearly sold-out RuneFest event. The London based event will be taking place later this year on Saturday 17th September at the … Read more

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Welcomes Morvran – The Slayer Master

Jagex today announced that the battlefields of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends saw an increase in its ranks today as the popular online card combat game welcomed the debut of Morvran, The Slayer Master. The release of update 1.4 arrived today and introduced the 6th legend for players to use Morvran, the Slayer Master, alongside an exciting … Read more

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Arrives On Steam

Developers of the critically acclaimed RuneScape, Jagex, today announced the Steam release of their latest title – the free-to-play online collectible card game, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Now available to download for PC via Steam Chronicle: RuneScape Legends brings with it an exciting mixture of intense PvP combat with an expansive single-player campaign story mode which … Read more

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends To Launch On Steam May 26th

Jagex, developers of the award-winning MMORPG RuneScape, today begun the official countdown for the upcoming Steam launch of the highly anticipated MMOCCG game based in the same universe, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Chronicle: RuneScape Legends will launch on Steam on Thursday, May 26th. Prior to the games official launch players are invited to dive into the … Read more

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Enters Open Beta

Award-winning UK-based developer Jagex today announced that the highly anticipated free-to-play MMOCCG game, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, is now available to download and play entirely for free with the launch of the new Open Beta client. Offering a new generation of mechanics and features to the tiring CCG and TCG genres Chronicle: RuneScape Legends sees players … Read more

Chinese Based Mining Company Shandong Hongda Buys Out RuneScape Developer Jagex

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A ferrous metal mining industry firm located in Shanghai China, Shandong Hongda Mining Co Ltd, has reportedly bought out the UK-based independent developer and publisher behind the award-winning RuneScape, Jagex. According to the post on Deal Street Asia Skadden, a US law firm, represented Shandong Hongda in making the purchase which is rumored to be … Read more

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Open Beta To Debut March 23rd

Developers of the award-winning free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape, Jagex Games Studio, today announced that March 23rd is the official starting date for the Open Beta release of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, their forthcoming online strategy card game. The team at Jagex have used the wealth of information provided by the community during the Closed Beta test to … Read more

Counting Down To 15 Years Of RuneScape

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Jagex today lifted the lid on their exciting plans for new content heading to RuneScape 3 during 2016 alongside plans for celebrations surrounding the games upcoming 15th anniversary. The two original founders of RuneScape back when it released in 2001, Andrew Gower and Paul Gower, will be making a surprising return as guest designers for … Read more

Chronicle Runescape Legends Beta Gameplay | First Impressions HD (1)

Our first impressions video for Chronicle Runescape Legends, a collectible card game RPG from Jagex.

[heading]Gameplay Part 2[/heading]

Chronicle Runescape Legends Beta Gameplay | First Impressions HD (2)


Closed Beta Begins For Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

Jagex today sent out word to all card combat warriors as they invited a small group of players to embark on epic quests, challenging PvE content and card inspired combat with the Closed Beta release of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. The PC Closed Beta is underway, ahead of the expected 2016 launch, as the free-to-play strategy … Read more

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Next Wave Of Beta Invites On The Way

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated MMO releases for many fans of the RuneScape franchise and today developers Jagex sent out a wave of new emails to potential testers informing them that their invites will arrive soon. The email, titled “Your beta invite will arrive soon”, states little more than … Read more

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Beta Coming November 25th

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Jagex today confirmed that the official starting date for the Closed Beta of the upcoming Chronicle: RuneScape Legends will begin next month on Wednesday, November 25th. It’s scheduled to release some time in 2016 on both iPad and PC, introducing players to a unique card-based adventure game in which players craft their own journey towards … Read more

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Closed Beta Announced

Chronicle RuneScape Legends 1280x720

Jagex, the team behind the multi-award winning free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape, today announced that it has opened Closed Beta registrations for the upcoming online strategy card game based in the same universe, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. The next phase of development is scheduled to begin later this month as Lead Designer Jim Sweatman, first released details at … Read more

The Explosive Block N Load Is Now Available As Free-To-Play Game

block n load

Jagex are proud to announce that the explosive team-based online combat game, Block N Load, is celebrating two exciting developments today as the game welcomes its largest update ever alongside the transition to a free-to-play revenue model. The transition takes the core gameplay and mechanics of Block N Load and enhances them with new improvements … Read more

Darkscape – Runescape Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Conquer a massive world with danger around every corner, dominate deadly high-risk regions and make your fortune running lucrative trade routes.  Darkscape is a separate instance in Runescape except for two things: all the content (quests and areas) are free, and the game is full PvP.  The game is much more hardcore than Runescape.