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Today on the Daily XP:
The Elder Scrolls Online Dev Blog Gives Unique Insight Prior to Release | [timer]42[/timer]
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Highlights Patch 2.2 | [timer]84[/timer]
Infinite Crisis Launches Into Open Beta | [timer]114[/timer]
Perfect World Entertainment Announces Swordsman | [timer]145[/timer]

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Matt Firor of Zenimax Online Studios today posted some
interesting information on his dev blog for The Elder Scrolls Online.  We all know the game is less than a month
from release, but I bet you didn’t know that over 5 million players have
registered for the closed beta, and that of all the characters created, 98% of
them were completely unique in terms of appearance.  Which is a testament to the incredible
character customization in the game.  The
blog also mentioned the overflow system set in place to help servers on launch
day, as well as the much requested NPC collision system being introduced, which
makes melee combat more visceral and exciting.

A teaser trailer was released today for Final Fantasy 14: A
Realm Reborn, that highlights patch 2.2. 
The next patch will deliver an extended main storyline and the chance to
battle a new Primal.  The 8 minute long
trailer also shows a bunch of the new changes coming to the game, including new
hairstyles, fishing, gardening, new recipes, glamours and quests.  The release is scheduled for later this month
on both PC and PS3. 

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Turbine today
launched Infinite Crisis into open beta. 
The MOBA game which features your favorite heroes for the DC Multiverse,
has been in closed beta for almost a year, but it’s pretty much been open beta
for a while now, as you can get a key fairly easily.  With the launch comes a pretty neat new
trailer as well as three new playable champions, which we’ve talked about
before, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Mecha Superman. 

This Just In.  Perfect
World Entertainment, a leader and publisher of widely acclaimed free to play
MMORPGs is pleased to announce Swordsman, a new free to play, martial arts
inspired MMORPG, based on the famed novels from Louis Cha.  Players in Swordsman experience a compelling
fantasy story and ten unique combat fighting styles, all wrapped in the visuals
of the brand new Angelica III engine. 
More information on the game and closed beta participation can be found
at playswordsman.com.  Now back to your regularly
scheduled programming.

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