Dark Age Of Camelot Frontiers Update

A new post on the Dark Age of Camelot website details some exciting new changes heading to the games Frontier system later this month. The update will be released on December 12th and is the first of two updates aimed at streamlining the Frontier experience.

The new changes will impact almost every aspect of the now famous RvR in Dark Age of Camelot as the developers make changes to transport, porting and the layout of keeps and towers.

Banners have been raised, commands shouted, and battles fought. Towers
have been razed, Keeps overrun, and Relics captured. What we?ve long
called ?New? Frontiers has hosted hundreds of thousands of players over
its lifespan who have fought tooth and nail for every inch of terrain.
So long, in fact, that New Frontiers has been in use much longer than
Old Frontiers ever was.

One of the more noteworthy updates includes the introduction of docks that players will soon be able to capture and defend for their realm.

There’s a huge list of changes on the official patch notes which you can find here.

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