Darkblood – MMO Spotlight!

Fan of arcade beat-em-ups, but want more bloody combos? Look no further because Darkblood is here!

Gaming publishers Outspark released the open beta for their new free to play MMORPG Darkblood this week… and boy did exceed my expectations. As a fan of the beat-em-up genre, I found myself enjoying Darkblood the minute I made my character.

You start the game choosing 1 of 4 current classes (with 3 additional classes already being planned for release in the future) that all have 2 class specialization to pick from once they hit a certain level : *note they are gender locked classes*

The Warrior: Warriors specialize in two handed weapons, whether it be an axes or broadsword. Early on, Warriors are able to use both, but eventually must specialize. Emphasis is on dealing damage. He can further his skills by becoming a Breaker or a Berserker at a certain level.

The Knight: Having the strongest defense power among the classes, Knights typically use a one handed weapon and a shield of some sort. Early on, both a one handed sword or a mace can be used, but eventually Knights learn to specialized in one. She become more powerful when you must choose if she will become a Paladin or a Crusader.

The Hunter: Emphasis is on ranged attacks and agility, thus Hunters have relatively lower defense than the other classes. However they are a crusical part of a team and provide great support for tricky enemies you don’t want to fight up close. Hunters starts using either a longbow or shortbow, eventually specializing in one when he becomes a Trickster or a Shooter.

The Mage: Mages are able to conjure destructive and healing forces. She can perform a wide range of spells from both spiritual magic and elemental magic. Once she hits a certain level she can either become a Magician or a Sorcerer.

How this MMORPG works is very simple: get a party started and go through intense dungeon missions together with some allies. The simplicity of this game works off great for people who want to jump into the action of the game. As for those classic RPG fans… don’t worry this game has not forgot about you. Each dungeon, mission, or monster you beat you will receive much deserved experience. With this experience you can level up your skills giving you a higher edge on those strong dungeon bosses.Also to add more of a competitive vibe in the game, players have the option to duel other players.

The biggest draw of this game would have to be the very thing in the title… the amount of blood this game has! I mean I’ve played my fair share of violent games, but this would be my first violent MMO. Darkblood even has an overkill system where if you hit a high enough combo, the enemy will explode into meat chunks! (sounds fun right?)

Overall, this is a great game for any kind of gamer. If you want to try it out you can sign-up and download it here: darkblood.outspark.com

Now if you would excuse me, I have to chop down some monsters!

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