Darkfall: New Dawn Set To Wipe Inactive Clan Vaults And Shelve Inactive Players

Ub3rgames continue their efforts to revive the struggling MMO Darkfall as the development of Darkfall: New Dawn continues and according to a new blog post recently added on the official website, the progress is going swimmingly. Originally released as Darkfall before falling under a new developer and releasing as Darkfall: Unholy Wars, Darkfall: New Dawn is the third attempt under as many developers to revive the sandbox MMO, one that focuses heavily on PvP, guild politics and a completely play ran economy.

Darkfall: New Dawn is currently in an InDev development state as the developers continue to build towards their 9 month cycle of development with the end-goal to release 5 different patches during that period. There’s some good news for fans as the team today announced that they are ahead of schedule and hope to include more features than they originally expected – by the end of the InDev period.

There’s also some news for potential returning players as the developers confirmed that inactive characters or clans that have not been logged in for a month will be shelved and while they can both be reactivated, the contents of a clan vault will be lost permanently once shelved.

[quote cite=”Ub3rgames”]Starting today characters that have been inactive for over a month will start getting placed in storage and clans with all characters getting stored will be disbanded. The content of their clan vaults will be lost and owned holdings will become neutral again. It will depend on when the character was last active, and it will happen progressively. Starting Friday, accounts that had only one month of game time will start going inactive. Some of you should already be inactive, but we chose to extend the first month a bit due to the technical issues we’ve had on the first day and this past week end. [/quote]

Source: Official Website

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