Darkfall: New Dawn Set To Wipe Inactive Clan Vaults And Shelve Inactive Players

Darkfall New Dawn

Ub3rgames continue their efforts to revive the struggling MMO Darkfall as the development of Darkfall: New Dawn continues and according to a new blog post recently added on the official website, the progress is going swimmingly. Originally released as Darkfall before falling under a new developer and releasing as Darkfall: Unholy Wars, Darkfall: New Dawn … Read more

Darkfall: New Dawn Developers Respond To Client Security Concerns

Darkfall: Unholy Wars

Following the recent news suggesting that Darkfall: Unholy Wars is coming to an end community members turned their hopes to Darkfall: New Dawn but reports suggesting the code featured massive security flaws once again saw the community unsure of the games future – today developers Ub3rgames responded. Ub3rGames obtained licensing rights from Aventurine which came … Read more