Data Leak Introduces Star Citizen Community To Legendary Carrier Class Bengal

Robert Space Industries’ upcoming science-fiction based MMO epic, Star Citizen, continues to attract massive attention following its record-breaking KickStarter campaign as today community members learned of a new data leak, possibly featuring the first up close shots of the legendary carrier class Bengal.

Dedicated fans discovered the materials after a member of the development team left a partial URL as if a trail of breadcrumbs, leading players to a huge data horde of exciting new footage, images and details of the Bengal ship. Fans soon began spreading their discoveries throughout the Star Citizen community and it wasn’t long before torrents and file sharing services aided with the release of a video compilation of all that had been found.

[quote cite=”Uploader”]This is very, very WIP. It might not even be the most up to date Bengal model (there are actually a couple in the leaked build). And there are many, many extra interior assets which I didn’t include because they’d each have to be manually positioned (the larger interior models could simply be attached to the Bengal’s origin point and line up perfectly).[/quote]

Star Citizen - WIP Bengal

Source: YouTube

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