DayZ – Closed Test Imminent

Rocket recently posted on the official DayZ Standalone Tumblr with details regarding the release delay of the highly anticipated zombie MMO, and the announcement of the imminent closed beta. We’ve known about the release delay for some time now, even after an announcement at EuroGamer which stated it would be released before the end of 2012, but the exciting news about the closed beta is a first.

The closed beta will be released imminently and will be focusing on small, specific tests over that of a typical closed beta of today’s MMORPG industry. During the beta 500-1000 people will be assisting in a test period aimed specifically at the architecture within the game. Game design and features will not be discussed during the test but the outcome will give Bohemia Interactive the chance to reschedule the internal date for a public release.

The architecture of the game doesn’t refer to the buildings and such in the game, instead the test will be focusing on the overhaul of the inventory system. Both the inventory and item management features were removed and completely rewritten, answering one of the biggest concerns of the players from the original. One of the more exciting changes to the inventory system is the introduction of durability. Rocket gives a perfect example:

If you shoot a player in the head to take his night vision, you will damage the night vision. The changes to this inventory system are huge.

The post is filled with exciting information regarding DayZ Standalone so if you’re a fan, I highly suggest you read through it. The full post can be found here

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