DC Universe Online Review

Rating: 9.5

Intro: If you have ever wanted to be a superhero, you can be one in the DC Universe. Straight from the comic books, it delivers everything you would want in a superhero game. Team up with Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman to save Metropolis and Gotham from deadly villains. Or be a villain yourself and do Lex Luthor’s, the Joker’s or Circe’s evil deeds for them.

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Player base: Medium

Graphics: High


Exp Rate: High

PvP: Open, Dueling, Arenas

File size: 30GB

Pros: Character customisation, Fluid movement and combat, Plenty to keep you busy.

Cons: Level cap at 30.


As Earth’s superheroes and villains wage a terrible war against each other, unknown to them Braniac is about to take over the world. As victims of this war lay dying across the bloody battlefield that was once metropolis, Braniac’s forces come from above, casting a shadow among the ruins. There is only one hope, Lex Luthor. He goes back in time and warns everybody of the attack before seeding the planet with superhero-creating genomes. Now Earth has many new heroes to protect it against the destructive power of Braniac, and you are one of them.


The character creation on DCUO has multiple tiers. Firstly you can use many many parts to decide your looks. Then you make the choice of how your character moves, either flying, acrobatics or superspeed. Each of these movement sets come with their own skills. The next level of customisation is choice of weaponry which also comes with a skill set. Weaponry is varied between single and dual guns, giant maces and axes, claws and fists, staffs, bows and blasts from the palms of your hands. Choice of weaponry determines attack speed and power as well as range. The last tier is your superpowers, again these come with their own skill trees. They also determine your role within a team, whether you are a tank, damage dealer or healer. Players can switch between these roles ex: nature power can be damage dealer or healer. Other powers include; fire, ice, light, mental, sorcery, electricity, earth and gadgetry. So with these tiers of character customisation you can make a superhero unique to you.

There are two modes to the game in which you can play either in PvP mode or in PvE. This ensures that nobody can kill you while levelling up doing quests. There is nothing more annoying than being in PvP mode and someone killing you just as you are about to get your last two quest items. However when you are not doing quests or when you are at the level cap of 30 it is fun to go into PvP mode and run around the rooftops of Gotham and Metropolis, swooping down on villains, your cape flying behind you, ready to deal out justice. Or laying in wait for your heroic arch-enemy, ready to pounce on them and bring a swift end to their good deeds.

DCUO has multiple arenas, some in which you team up with your fellow heroes or villains to fight enemies like Sinestro and Queen Bee. Other arenas are PvP where you can fight other players either as yourself or you can pick a classic DC superhero to play as.

Quest chains are usually requests from mentors (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, the Joker and Circe). A mentor is picked during character creation and usually players pick the mentor best suited to their powers, for example a sorcery user would pick Circe and a gadget user would pick Batman. Other quests come from wanted posters and superheroes and villains seeking your aid. One amusing quest chain has Booster Gold giving you a guided tour of the cities.

The cities are definitely a highlight of the game. Exploring them is like stepping inside the comic books. You can climb to the top of the WayneTech skyscraper, visit Star Labs, take a trip to Arkham Asylum and view the Daily Planet building.

In conclusion, DCUO is a must-play vibrant and engaging environment that anybody can enjoy, not just comic book geeks!
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