DCUO Goes F2P and Grows Four Fold

When games go F2P it doesn?t come as much a surprise to have their player base increase. Games such as AoC, LOTRO, Global Agenda and so on saw a substantial increase in players after going F2P and DCUO is no different. According to SOE president John Smedley over 120,000 PC players registered for DCUO in just two days increasing the player number four fold. Although the PS3 wasn?t mentioned it should be pretty safe to say those numbers icnreased as well. While SOE is surely happy it has also come at a price. This drastic increase in users has put a lot of stress on the US servers and they were brought down to address recurrent issues. They will be reopening the server soon but they said they do not have a fix for the problem and they may crash again. Free accounts are going to have full access to the base of the game and all updates and fixes will be free as well. Players that choose to pay will gain access to additional content through Premium or Legendary accounts.

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