Dead Space 3 available for pre-order?

Dead Space 3 might be already in progress, or for that matter done and ready to be released. BT Games, an online retail website based out of South Africa, has said it is taking pre-orders for the upcoming Dead Space 3.

This wouldn’t be the first time that BT Games has outed things before. According to IGN, they have outed the Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode and Jak and Dexter HD Collection.

Dead Space 3 was first mentioned by EA CEO John Riccitiello at a conference last year. He stated that he felt the Dead Space franchise would not start to sell in the region of five million units until the third game arrived in the picture.

Dead Space 3 is said to take place on a frozen planet and feature new enemies called “the hive mind”.

The game will once again star Issac, the protagonist from the first two games, as well as new and recurring characters such as Ellie from Dead Space 2.

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