Defiance Livestream Celebrating Free-To-Play Transition

Following the recent transition to the free-to-play market Defiance developers Trion Worlds today announced a celebratory live stream event to discuss the games F2P transition and a brief look at content planned for release with the upcoming Season Two update.

The live stream event is scheduled to begin later today at 13:30 PDT and will last approximately 30 minutes. After the stream the developers have promised to answer questions posed by the community relating to the new free-to-play changes as well as information regarding update v2.0.

After the demonstration, we’ll field questions from the livestream
chat. Remember to stick around until the end when three lucky, random
livestream viewers will each be granted a Powertech Lock Box. See you on

For your chance to pitch your questions directly to the development team head on over to the official Twitch.TV channel.

Source: Press Release

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