Shards Opens Its Doors This Weekend

Citadel Studios recently announced that their highly anticipated sandbox MMORPG, Shards Online, will be opening its doors to the general gaming public this weekend for an unprecedented preview event. The developers updated the official Kickstarter funding page with a new post detailing this weekends event. According to the post the developers have been flooded with suggestions and ideas to improve Shards Online and to increase the idea pool further, the entire MMO community can enjoy the game for free this weekend.

New servers have been added, each able to support over 400 unique players at any given time. Two live stream events will also accompany the open weekend with Citadel Studios overtaking the MMORPG Twitch.TV channel while also broadcasting on the Shards channel throughout the event.

The event is already underway so don’t miss your opportunity to explore the world of Shards Online as current funding levels may mean the game will struggle to see the light of day. Just 5 days remain in the fundraising campaign and Citadel Studios need a further $270,000 of their $320,000 for the campaign to be successful.

Source: Kickstarter

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