Defiance Supports Doctors Without Borders

Our second feel good story of today sees the soon to be free-to-play MMO Defiance supporting another noble cause with a charitable event for Doctors Without Borders. The event will see a new Doctor’s Coat added to the premium in-game store, allowing players to purchase this event exclusive item for $8.00. All proceeds generated through sales of the Doctor’s Coat will be donated to the Doctors Without Borders charity shortly after the end of the event.

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning efforts of Doctors Without Borders has seen hundreds of physicians and support staff delivering critical aid to nearly 70 countries across the world. The Defiance community now have their opportunity to support this noble cause with the in-game event that is scheduled to finish at the end of this month.

This month, when you buy the new Defiance Lab
Coat, we’ll donate all proceeds ($8) to Doctors Without Borders.
The lab coat is available now at the in-game store, and a fancy new
head mirror is also available to accompany. If you’d like to make a
direct donation to Doctors Without Borders, just visit their page.

Source: Press Release

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