Demon Crusade

Demon Crusade is a new F2P Browser Fantasy MMORPG, currently in development by NGames and hosted by Game321. Demon Crusade is a 2D, side-scrolling experience which merges both Eastern and Western culture, creating a devilish adventure to protect the Demon Temple from its imminent destruction. Players can look forward to ancient myths, lost mechanical civilizations, whimsical mounts, smooth combat and more as they quest to become the savior the the underworld.

Users in Demon Crusade will play as one of three classes, either the Warrior, the Mage or the Ranger and will fight along side a powerful partners. Equipment and weapon looting and upgrading will play an important role in deciding success on the battlefield. Those brave enough can even go head-to-head in the PvP Arena, adventure to Sky City, challenge the multiplayer Devil King Instance or even hunt Dream Beasts to find new mounts and collect food to feed them.

In addition to all the exciting gameplay elements in this F2P Browser MMO, players will be able to own their own customizable home, each coming complete with a witch assistant to help. Your personal witch will tend to all your home’s necessities while you’re out adventuring and can be trained to master new house-centric skills!

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