Desert Operations

Desert Operations is a browser based game with a modern-warfare theme in which players battle for resources and glory while boosting their political influence, create alliances and wage war. The game was developed by Playzo GmbH and there are four types of units available in game:

Infantry ? cheap and fast to produce, but have weak attack and defense values. With the exception of Navy Seals. Vehicles ? have increased attack and defense, but they are vulnerable against air attacks. Air units ? have a high penetration score, but they have a low deployment time. Water units ? they inflict great damage and have average fixed cost, but they are very expensive in research and purchasing.

In Desert Operation there are three different types of buildings which can be constructed: production buildings, military buildings and action buildings. Each building can be upgraded to increase the bonuses that it offers. The gameplay can be improved or sped up with the help of premium packages that offer instant buildings, special weapons, better weather and other features in exchange of Diamonds.

Desert Operation offers players many possibilities in creating their own country and defending it from other players. It is a good military strategy game that will keep players glued to the computer as they try to better plan the evolution of their country.

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