WAKFU Subscription Details Emerge

We talked a bit last week about WAKFU and its now-confirmed launch date of February 29, but details on how the game?s multiple subscription models would function were limited. Now, just a few days after dropping the release date bomb, Ankama has given us information on the various subscription mechanisms available to players.

WAKFU will be a combination of free MMO and subscription-based game. Players can elect to experience the free-to-play version of the game, which contains both starting zones and added chances to check out the rest of the world. Free players can earn achievements, join guilds and make homes but will not be able to use public transportation or participate in some of WAKFU?s more complicated features.

Subscription players will have access to the game in its entirety, including public transportation, all 16 professions, ecosystem control and participation in local government. You can find a full list of the differences between the two subscription models here: WAKFU

The regular one-month subscription price will be $6, but early adopters can get a discount by registering now. You?ll also land a special pet, candy token and a few random pieces of equipment if you choose to sign up early.

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Source: MMOSite

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