Destiny’s The Dark Below Fails To Impress

Many criticized Destiny‘s lack of content following its launch in September and while The Dark Below expansion was intended to solve part of that problem, it’s done little more than stir up more unrest in the MMOFPS community. The Dark Below is the first of two announced expansions that promises a wealth of new content with a level cap increase, new missions added to the story mode, several new weapons and a variety of new equipment choices. Although some elements of the expansion have been well received, the overall response has been less than favorable.

The main culprit sees regular Destiny players that did not purchase The Dark Below fall behind in content with previously available activities and rewards now restricted to those that purchase the DLC content. Many have reported that they are no longer able to earn Engrams through Strike playlists, and the Nightfall raid and other weekly tasks have also become locked.

This questionable approach to content delivery continues further, and this time to the players that have actually purchased The Dark Below expansion. The new quest line introduces players to several new story elements before requesting a visit to everyone’s favorite part-time NPC, Xur. If you’re not familiar with the character, he only spawns during the weekend and cannot be seen otherwise. So in effect placing him into a quest line restricts players to completing content on days set by Bungie.

A game with limited content finally releases an expansion. That expansion restricts content for one portion of the community and then makes a poor and transparent attempt at prolonging content for the other, neither of which has worked to a positive effect.

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  1. God dam this game is a F-ing joke. i think these wankers at bungie have never heard of an RPG since the rpg aspects in this game are so f**ked. also they must never have heard of something called an MMO since with MMO’s “expansions” they bring out so much content, this shitty excuse for an expansion just makes me pray to god that this game dies hard so that Devs won’t get away with garbage like this anymore.

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