League of Angels Introduces 10th Cross-Server Tournament

Playing League of Angels every day is not enough, well it is if you like to stay unknown and forgotten. To make a true impression in the game and to win your friends’ and enemies’ appreciation, you will have to be the strongest, fastest and the brightest. League of Angels opens this week with three great events that will help you to become the invincible and frightening figure you have always wanted to be! Don’t miss this week’s HOT events, Resource Tycoon and Djinni’s Merchant. They will help you get ready for the super challenge – The Cross-Server Tournament!
In League of Angels, there are several weekly hot events designed especially for fans and hard-core players. The events are updated continuously and provide players a fun way to upgrade and prepare heroes and equipment for battle. For instance, the Resource Tycoon is a unique opportunity to gain essential and rare items such as Aegis Shards, Synth Scrolls, Soul stones and Blessed stones, all very important to the strength of your party and angels. Above all, the best tycoons will win the furious and mighty Angel known as Raphael. Additionally, Djinni’s Merchant offers great deals and discounts. First, obtain the required Darics from other hot events and League of Angels gameplays, and let the in-game shopping begin!

After such hard preparation and tight training, it is time to take a risk and participate in the 10th Cross-Sever Tournament, defeat your competitors and become the number one player in all of League of Angels! Win the glory and honor as well as the Victoriana Figurine, Victoriana Icons and more! There are three stages in the current tournament, and you will have the chance to win prizes at each stage. Don’t forget to stay tuned for next week’s special events and new angel news!

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