Details Emerging on The Secret World

The Secret World is a particularly mysterious MMORPG developed by Funcom (of Anarchy Online fame). We don?t know much about what to expect about the game, just that it runs on the Age of Conan engine and promises to merge gaming, social media and alternate reality marketing.

There are no levels, nor are there classes. The game operates in a similar manner to Skyrim, with all character progression being skill-based. Additionally, the factions of the game will be made up of ?secret societies? that play off one another for virtual dominance. There?s also large-scale PVP and the other trappings of big MMOs.

Today, Funcom has dropped a bit more information about The Secret World, through a location preview of an in-game zone known as Blue Mountain. It seems like a typical role-playing game setting, with nearby peoples in need of help, dangerous mobs afoot, and creepy set pieces galore. Players must work with the local Wabanaki Indian tribe to sort out the mysteries of Blue Mountain and the island on which it resides.

Players will have to clear corrupted areas, defeat dangerous spirit and relive frightening nightmares in order to bring the troubles of Blue Mountain under control.

Overall, The Secret World is looking like quite the odd adventure MMORPG. It will be interesting to see how it is received by the gaming public when it releases in April of this year.


Source: MMORPG

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