If you are familiar with the games Star Legends and Pocket Legends, you?ll probably be excited about today?s news. Spacetime Studios, the company behind those successful iOS titles, has just announced a brand new MMO set for release on both the iTunes and Android marketplaces. If you don?t have a smartphone, don?t worry ? the game will also be available as a browser-based MMO.
According to the statement released by the company, Dark Legends is a fast-paced, combat-oriented MMO with both solo and multiplayer content. The game features a robust narrative, with various missions intercut with cut-scenes to help tell the story. The main thrust of the project is bringing players into the deadly world of vampires, for better or for worse.
Here?s a quote from Gary Gattis, CEO of Spacetime:

?With each entry to the Legends franchise we raise the bar for the pick-up-and-play MMO space. The changes between Pocket Legends and Star Legends were significant, but Dark Legends is a quantum leap forward in interactive storytelling. Live the dark fantasy and play anywhere, anytime, anyone!?

Dark Legends is still a ways away from release ? the game will be publicly debuted at this year?s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. In the meantime, you can follow the game on Facebookfor updates.
Source: Platform Nation

Dark Legends: A Vampire MMO