Digital Extremes & Warframe Go Big For PAX East

Digital Extremes made big promises ahead of this years PAX East but the London-based game studio delivered this past weekend as the official Twitch.TV channel played host to an exciting series of reveals and announcements. The free-to-play MMOTPS game Warframe can expect some exciting changes in the future as the developers revealed Parkour 2.0, a brand new enemy faction, a dragon-themed Warframe, a host of new melee weapons and a new Prime Warframe.

The improvements to the Parkour system have long been at the heart of community discussions and it appears the developers have been listening. Parkour 2.0 will see the introduction of entirely new ways to navigate each area as Tenno’s utilize a series of swag new moves and acrobatics.

Chroma, the dragon-themed Warframe, also caused quite the stir as the crowd roared in excitement at its reveal – both at the event and those watching at home via TWitch.TV. For more information on the features revealed at PAX East and a sneak peek at Chroma, check out the official video below:

Warframe | TennoLive2015: PAX East Reveal -- Tombs of the Sentient

Source: Press Release

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