Delta Recruitment Event Underway In Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios & Perfect World Entertainment today announced a new and exciting in-game event for Star Trek Online as players throughout the galaxy prepare to embark on a journey deep behind enemy lines in the infamous Iconian War. Beginning next month, April 2nd, both new and old players alike will have the chance to unlock an exciting selection of rare rewards as each attempts to make the first successful steps in the efforts to cull the conflict and end the war.

The Delta Recruitment will introduce Star Trek Online players to the invasion of the ancient Iconians race for the first time as they threaten to exert their power and dominance over the galaxy. Following five years of failed talks, hostile actions and festering hatred the Iconian War presents a massive threat to crews of Star Trek Online and the Federation.

Those that brave the perils of this new battlefield can expect to unlock new gear, enjoy week long events, procure rare upgrade materials and enjoy a series of personal and community-based objectives and goals.

Source: Press Release

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