DK Online (Dragon Knights)

[stat=Publisher]Aeria Games[/stat]
[stat=Player base]New[/stat]
[/review]DK Online is a free to play fantasy based MMORPG game where you are thrown into the medieval world of Litos.  A malevolent ancient dragon known as Kharvag has reemerged after being defeated by the legendary heroes known as Dragon Knights.  The evil dragon Kharvag and his minions have been terrorizing the land, sending it into a chaos.  As a player you must reestablish the order of the land and put an end to the terror and chaos that Kharvag has started.  

Dragon Knights lets you control a hero of the order the game is named after. You can choose from several races and classes, letting you develop your character in your own way. The game features a wide variety of content, from questing and dungeons, to monster transformation, and even a political system that you can get involved with. The game also features large scale PvP battles, and even castle sieges.

In the game you will adventure through many exotic and vibrant locations, while searching for answers to the dragon?s reawakening. Dragon Knights will participate in large scale, guild versus guild PvP. Become elected officials, and dictate the direction of other officers. Transform into vicious creatures, taking on no only their form, but their powers as well!

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