Do You have an Alt Addiction?

Everyone who?s ever played an MMO has at some point created an alt. Alts are new, low-level characters that allow you to escape your daily grind and gather resources for your main character. And with the added bonus of a rich, high-level character, raising an alt is much easier than raising your first character.

But some players take alting more seriously than others. Some players have a sea of alts, all languishing on abandoned servers. Some alts are played for a few days and are never heard from again, while some see regular use as some sort of complex rotation.

Alting is a vaunted part of the MMO mechanism ? players do it for a variety of reasons. So we here at MMO ATK wanted to know what inspires you to make and play alts. Looking for PVP? Dodging your guild? Trying out a new class?

We?d especially love to hear from you if you?re one of those people with dozens of alts ? how do you manage so many characters?

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