Announcing the Gamer Safety Alliance

Did you know that it?s currently Gamer Safety Week? Don?t worry ? we?re not talking about physical safety; you don?t have to worry about falling bricks or hidden safety hazards at your computer. No, Gamer Safety Week is dedicated to helping you keep your various game accounts safe from hacking. As you play more MMOs and join more online communities, the amount of personal data you have at risk increases.

Nine big studios have just created an organization called the Gamer Safety Alliance. The goal of the organization is to jump through the competitive nature of the business in order to share safety information and practices between the various participating companies. The end goal is a virtual world in which you and your account are safer.

Square Enix, Sony Online Entertainment, En Masse Entertainment, Turbine, NCsoft, Nexon, Microsoft and Electronic Arts are already onboard, with more companies likely coming into the fold as time goes on.

To mark the occasion, SOE has published a very cool article on locking down your accounts.


Source: Massively

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