Do You Pre-Order Your Games – MMOpinion

On my recent trip to Game Stop to sell some old games I realized that that the cashier asked me three different times if i?d like to pre-order any new games coming out. I never really gave it much thought before, but I was thinking to myself, ?yeah, actually if I pre-order it, then I don?t have to worry about the game and can just come and pick it up?.

Normally I would just go to my favorite store and pick up new games at my leisure. I rarely made the trek out for midnight releases or anything fancy like that. But with the pre-order, I kind of like knowing that my game will be safe and sound at the store at my convenience.

Now I know pre-ordering is not a new concept, but I never gave it much thought until now. Do you pre-order your games? Do you like to wait in line for midnight releases? Or do you do your purchases online and hope it gets to your door the same day?