Elsword – Updated Dungeon and Pet System

Kill3rCombo reveals an update to the popular boss challenge dungeon, Henir?s Time & Space and also a new and improved pet system for the free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG, Elsword.

Henir?s Time & Space was introduced to players last spring and it is one of the game?s most popular dungeons because of the exclusive rare loot that players can obtain and the minimal level entrance requirement in order to enter. The update this week adds a variety of new bosses which are derived from the game?s newest region, Hamel. The dungeon?s ?flow? has been revamped adding random ?elite fights? in order to keep players on their feet and to keep them guessing. Players no longer need to have a special key in order to attempt the dungeon as well.

The pet system has been given a number of improvements as well which will make leveling a lot easier and to be able to customize their personalities to how the players want. They have also been given a wider range of buffs and increased special abilities since they are very useful in combat. There has been a new pet introduced called Wild Hatchling. Every player will receive a free Wild Hatchling and are able to pursue a special quest in order to make the dragon a permanent addition to their collection of pets.

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