Does Microsoft want to squeeze more cash from you?

Remember when you used to be able to buy a video game from the store and then play it?  Yeah, that was cool.  What ever happened to that concept?  Now a days you pay $60 for an online game, you gotta sit through some ads on the dashboard and then you gotta buy some point dealies to play new content.  Well, Microsoft plans to draw some more of your hard earned cash in the near future.

Group product planner Praveen Rutnam added an interesting item to his LinkedIn resume.  Apparently he “developed (a) strategy to further monetize Xbox LIVE subscriber base”.  Good for you Praveen, you are about to make a lot of friends in the gaming community.

Now it is doubtful that the strategy that will be implemented later this year would be anything dramatic like a price hike for its games or DLC.  It might even be something stupid and forgettable, like the avatar marketplace.  But it will definitely be another way to squeeze a few extra dollars from more than a few players.

Below is the screenshot of Mr. Rutnam’s resume.  Impressive.


microsoft resume xbox live

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