Playstation Plus vs. Xbox Live, H1Z1 and more H1Z1 | The Cringecast 5

The Cringecast is Attack Gaming’s weekly podcast where we break down all things relevant in the gaming world! This time around, our panel includes: MarkKirkTJ and Ashley.
This week on The Cringecast we talk about the difference between the players in Playstation plus and xbox live and then a ton about H1Z1, like .. a lot of H1Z1.
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Crysis 3, Pokemon Black and White 2, and Xbox Live updates-Daily Drop, April 16

Crysis 3 announced, Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 trailer, and Xbox Live upcoming changes!

Crysis 3 screenshots and info
Microsoft employee’s LinkedIn screenshot

MMO Daily Drop

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Does Microsoft want to squeeze more cash from you?

Remember when you used to be able to buy a video game from the store and then play it? Yeah, that was cool. What ever happened to that concept? Now a days you pay $60 for an online game, you gotta sit through some ads on the dashboard and then you gotta buy some point dealies to play new content. Well, Microsoft plans to draw some more of your hard earned cash in the near future.

Gears of War 3: Forces of Nature DLC unleashed

The new Gears of War 3 DLC: Forces of Nature has been unleashed yesterday. It will include three new battlefields, you will be able to redeploy to some old stomping grounds with Jactino and the popular Raven Down. The pack also comes with four new character models and seven new weapons skins. There has also been 10 more achievements added for a total of a 250 more Gamerscore.